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1966 - 1996

The production of sausages has a family history of more than 100 years. Prior to the creation of the company, it operated as a cooperative with Efstathios Spetsiotis and Efstathios Achilleas (Velis), the man who shared his vast experience and know-how as well as traditional recipes from the previous generation to the next.



The Allantika Platanik Ltd company in its current form has been operating since 1989 as a family business and employed 3-5 people. She keeps her workshop in Platanistasa, from where her name comes from. It deals with the production of traditional traditional sausages (sausages, pastourma, bacon, luntza, pork loin, etc.) in their traditional way of production, healthy, without the use of preservatives and always with strict sanitary control.


The trade name "Allantika Diosmati" is established and state-of-the-art facilities are created to increase the production of traditional Delicates.

Tradiotional Pitsilia Cold Cuts - Delivery to all Cyprus available

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